GDPR Compliance Summit

A business that is not GDP compliant could face a fine of up to 4% of its annual turnover!


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will definitely come into force on May 2018. It requires organisations to adhere to a host of strict data protection rules for processing the data of EU residents and will penalise those who are non- compliant. How ready are you to meet this deadline? It could be a costly mistake to ignore the regulation until it becomes enforceable!
Heralding a new era in the regulation of personal data processing in Europe, the GDPR amplifies and expands the rights of individuals to control how their personal information is collected and processed and places new obligations squarely on the shoulders of organisations that collect personal data.


Compliance is not a choice. Businesses must prepare for the May 2018 deadline to have in place new standards for consent and the range of accountability requirements set out under the new law. Companies will no longer be able to sit on their hands and plead ignorance as non compliance will result in substantial fines of up to €20million or 4% of annual turnover. You need to get prepared… and fast!

But, every challenge also presents opportunity and compliance with GDPR allows you to present yourself as ethical, trustworthy and responsible. So, do you want to be trusted or fined?

Who should attend?
This summit is aimed at decision makers from across the public and private sectors in IT, data protection and compliance, finance, marketing, legal and HR, who will attend in order to:


  • Understand the implications of the GDPR
  • Get to grips with new obligations to ensure your organisation is compliant
  • Benchmark yourself against competitors in implementing the GDPR
  • Gain invaluable instruction and insight on the Regulation
  • Learn how to avoid heavy fines and loss of reputation